What We Do

We use focussed interventions that will bring noticeable and sustainable change to your organisation.

Our 3R model analyses how your service is performing; the areas that are doing well and those requiring some development. From this we will recommend a bespoke package and work with you to develop an over-arching strategy.

The 3R model comprises three components of analysis and evaluation. Our services are linked to each of these:

01. Recruitment

Managing enquiries effectively
Customer service and secret shopping
Focussed, high quality Form F Assessments
Risk Assessment
Social media and internet safety
Data analysis and systems

02. Retention

Reflective supervision
Foster carer training
Supervising social worker training
Safe caring and standards of care
Annual reviews
Exit interviews

03. Review

Data analysis and performance
Quality assurance
Policies and procedures
Sufficiency strategy
Panel member training

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