Your Fostering Questions


Do you provide services to both local authorities and independent fostering agencies?

Yes, we do. Our ethos is child-centred, therefore we work with all fostering services within the public, private and charity sectors in order to help them achieve an ‘outstanding’ service where the needs of the UKs most vulnerable children are met.

What is the evidence-base for your work?

In February 2018 a government-commissioned independent review of foster care in England by Sir Martin Narey and Mark Owers (with key contributions from Mary Baginsky, John Simmonds and Jenny Briggs) was published, and stated that “much recruitment practice looks old-fashioned”; having reviewed the findings and recommendations of this report, we realised our current fostering practice was already in line with the more modernised fostering social work practice that was needed. We have seen the impact of our approach within the services we worked, and are now looking to share this practice and our experience with other fostering services.

Why should we use you? What do you do differently?

We are passionate about future-proofing fostering and working with others to modernise services in response to increased need and a reported decline in fostering applications, within the context of an increasingly competitive market. We have a proven track record and can evidence impact in terms of cultural shift and change management, increased enquiries and approvals, focussed and effective foster carer utilisation, and improved policies and procedures. We understand the world of fostering; we also understand budget and time constraints which is why we work with your budget to undertake the pieces of work that can be difficult to achieve alongside the pressures of the ‘day job’. We know that using our service will result in financial benefits for your organisation.

Do we have to purchase your whole 3R model or can you provide smaller packages of services depending on our needs/budget?

We offer a range of bespoke services from ‘whole service review’ to training workshops, policy-writing and exit interviews. We will work collaboratively with you to identify the package that best meets the needs of your individual service.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all regions in England. If your fostering service is outside of England, please contact us as we will be happy to discuss whether we are able to work with your geographical location.

How long will you be involved?

This depends on the size of your service and the package of support identified. Some work will be on-site, some will be off-site. All of these details will be agreed in consultation with you and set out in a Statement of Work prior to any work commencing.

What do your services cost?

Because our packages are bespoke, costings will vary. However, we understand the impact of budget constraints and will always work with you to provide the most robust package of support in line with your budget. Again, all costings will be discussed and set out in our Statement of Work, and this will be agreed and signed by all parties prior to work commencing.

Do you provide training for panel members?

Yes. We are able to offer a range of training to support panel members to meet the requirements of the National Minimum Standards which state “each person on the central list is given the opportunity of attending an annual joint training day with the fostering service’s fostering staff” (NMS 23:10) and “each person on the central list has access to appropriate training and skills development…” (NMS 23:11). Our panel training includes subjects such as attachment training, safeguarding and standards of care.

Do you provide contracts for ongoing pieces of work such as exit interviews?

Yes. We know that you cannot look at fostering recruitment in isolation if you want to boost your foster carer population; it is essential to develop an understanding of why carers stop fostering as this informs both recruitment and retention of foster carers. We will undertake your exit interviews, collate and analyse the data, and make recommendations for your service on the basis of any identified themes.


All contact details are on the website so call or complete our web enquiry form and we will be in touch to set up a free consultation.

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